Apa cerita ni...Di Kuala Lumpur Anwar kata Pakatan Rakyat tak terima keputusan PRU13...Lepas tu dia beriya-iya anjurkan Perhimpunan Kemarahan Rakyat semalam di Stadium Kelana Jaya kononnya nak tunjuk pada seluruh dunia yang PRU13 di Malaysia penuh dengan penipuan sehinggakan haknya untuk menjadi PM dinafikan...

Tapi di Pulau Pinang dan Kelantan lain pula ceritanya...Lim Guan Eng dan Ahmad Yaakob tak sempat-sempat angkat sumpah jadi Ketua Menteri dan Menteri Besar negeri masing-masing.. 

6 Mei 2013, Ahmad Yaakob mengangkat sumpah di Istana Negeri, Kubang Kerian sebagai Menteri Besar Kelantan. Sehari selepas itu, 7 Mei 2013, Guan Eng pula angkat sumpah sebagai Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang. 

Yang menariknya..Anwar kata Pakatan Rakyat tak terima keputusan PRU13...Jadi Buat apa kedua-dua orang ini mengangkat sumpah melainkan mereka mengiktiraf dan menerima keputusan PRU13 yang sudah dibuat oleh rakyat...

Adakah ini menunjukkan Anwar tidak iktiraf Lim Guan Eng dan Ahmad Yaakob sebagai Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang dan Menteri Besar Kelantan?? TOLONG JAWAB??

Sudah-sudahla dengan angan-angan nak jadi PM..Majoriti rakyat Malaysia dah hantar signal suruh bersara...Jadi terimalah keputusan rakyat dengan hati terbuka..



  1. ini semua salah umno...

  2. ye tak ye jugak...hehehe

  3. Dah terlalu muak dengan perangai pembangkang yang biadap dan kurang ajar.

  4. katanya hari ni PR buat kenduri kesyukuran sbb pakatan menang di selangor....bila dia menang dia terima pulak keputusan PRU13....bila tang kalah dia tolak....nampak sangat bingai nye.....pirrah!!!

  5. Mengong dah anwar ni, kalau cam gitu kemenangan PAS di Kelantan, DAP di Penang, PR di Selangor kira tak sah jugalah. Letih dah aku kerja utk PR ni...

  6. Itulah namanya bahalol. Rakyat yang ikut dia juga bahalol juga lah.

  7. Dah la tu Anwar weiii...sudah cukup cukup sudah la nak lawan takdir. Udah ditakdirkan yg Anwar ni tak akan jadi PM Malaysia buat selamanya.....menentang takdir=menentang ketentuan Allah. Udah la yer Anwar.....kami semua dah bosan.

  8. (PART 1)I have something to share, maybe of interest.
    Last Sunday I bumped into a friend, a chinese friend who is currently working in Spore. His name is Jason (not his real name). In the conversation, I innocently probed Jason with questions why suddenly almost all chinese voted for DAP in GE13? Jason was reluctant to response initially but later spoke very boldly. According to Jason, DAP technically won the chinese vote even before the election, this was because BN failed to read the emergence of DAP cyber troopers, or probably underestimated their emergence, which successfully ran into the heart of the regular chinese and new young chinese voters including the younger malays & other races. The DAP cyber troopers strategies on the internet were simple: (1) smear and hate campaign on the ruling party, at all cost (2) Intimidate cyber bloggers/commenters who shows any indication of support to the ruling party, (3) Propagandas on DAP. Jason said DAP were smart, DAP knew there were close to 3 million new young voters eligible to vote. DAP knew these young voters with no historical baggage were high internet users. These young voters, generally, do not read mainstream newspapers. Every day these new young voters visited the blogs, social media, social sites, etc etc and what they mostly read will be negative stories of the ruling party planted by the troopers, and the young voters will eventually formed a perception, of course bad perception of the ruling party. It was because of that, the young voters distance themselves from the ruling party. Jason kept boasting DAP is smart. Jason said watched after this, DAP would downplayed the ‘chinese tsunami’ and humbly conceded the support came from others too, and would voice strongly to not blame the chinese, in this way the chinese community would continue to get assistance from the Govt. Lastly, according to Jason before he parted off to Spore, Jason said DAP cyber troopers are now raring to go for GE14 with new strategies, aiming for equal opportunities for all.
    I think I want to believe Jason’s story. If true, that’s what probably happened in GE13. But one thing for sure, I think, DAP cannot enjoy the best of both world. On one hand, the chinese voted out the Govt, and on the other hand, they still wanted the continued aid from Govt.
    GE 13 has passed and let’s moved forward and for the Govt to accept the followings:
    a) Let all of us respect the wishes of the chinese.
    b) Let’s not insult the intelligence of the chinese who resoundingly vote for DAP
    c) Let’s accept that Chinese had send a strong message by voted out the Government
    d) Let’s the chinese live peacefully with the DAP for the next 5 years.
    e) Let’s also support MCA & Gerakan decision to close down their service center so that if the chinese have any grouses or need assistance, they can go to DAP.
    f) So let’s accept that DAP will be the party to assist the chinese community, when in need.

  9. (PART 2) So now the BN Government must remember UMNO, Bumiputra friends from Sabah & Sarawak and also the Indians were the ones that gave their full support to BN. It’s about time BN government focus on UMNO, Bumiputra friends from Sabah & Sarawak and the Indians for their support, without which BN would not be able to form Govt. It’s about time also, Govt pay greater attention to develop the Malay economy (so much attention and handouts to chinese community to date, where the Malay & Indians felt ignored). Not to leave the Indians behind, develop the Indian community, who are far behind the other races, further develop Sabah & Sarawak infrastructure, schools, etc, allocate more Federal Ministers positions from both states, they well deserve it. Also develop the rural area in states like Trengganu, Pahang, Kelantan, and other Malay majority areas, build more roads. These are the people who need the development support. I believe once rakyat see the efforts and the implementation by Govt, more Malay support will pour in from within UMNO, PAS and even PKR when they have renewed faith in the present BN Govt. In addition, BN Govt must tackle poverty which is prevalent amongst the Malay, Bumiputra Sabah Sarawak and the Indian, and above all, BN Govt MUST eradicates corruption. It is incumbent upon BN Govt to always uphold & defend the rights of Malay & Bumiputra as enshrined in the constitution.
    Lastly before I conclude, looking at the current politics, to the chinese, I feel they should be fair in their demand. For a minority community in Malaysia: look around the world and find me a country where a minority can live peacefully with very comfortable life, have so much economic clout and same time political influence. The whole world knows who are the richest people in Malaysia? Then to chinese again, please stop the protest… Where is the patriotism protesting with Malaysia Flag upside down?? And many many more?? And I noticed, if the malays criticize the chinese the chinese will say racist, but if the chinese criticize the malays the chinese will say it’s their prerogatives.
    To Malay people this time, please, “Jangan Mudah Lupa”!!!, Apa yang berlaku ni akibat mudah lupa.
    P/s: Lastly, some things need to be done to counter, neutralize, dismantle the DAP cyber troopers before they do more damage and another chinese tsunami GE14.



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