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LETTER: From Yuktes Vijay, via e-mail
I read with anger the news that Saiful’s dad has joined PKR. I knew from Day 1 that the party was devoid of any integrity but for it to stoop to this extent is just mind boggling. I was working with one of Anwar’s long-time lawyers during the whole course of Sodomy 2 and was involved in A-Z of the trial itself.
When I say A-Z, it means from meeting the forensic and DNA experts to reviewing of the documents to finding case laws for his submissions. I was involved in everything. I do not wish to mention the name of the lawyer here as I revere him as my mentor and I do not wish to drag him into this frustration and anger pouring of mine.
Why Anwar never took the stand?
Anwar claimed that he was never offered a fair trial. The truth is he was never brave enough to take the stand. He was never going to withstand the questions that were about to be put forward to his now ally Datuk Yusof. If you Pakatanians have doubts, why not ask him these questions and get valid, acceptable and not logically challenging answers for it.
  • Why did Anwar personally and specifically request his Chief of Staff, Ibrahim Yaakob to send Saiful to the apartment carrying documents when there were other staff there;
  • How come Saiful was aware of the code to enter the apartment which was ‘Mokhtar’, the name of Anwar’s security chief and brother-in-law? ;
  • Video evidence that was sent to Gandhi Labs in New Delhi confirmed the presence of Saiful in the apartment, so how can Saiful’s presence in the apartment be refuted;
  • Why was Saiful afforded special treatment i.e. he was given his own room, privilege of following Anwar for overseas trips though he was a new staff;
  • Anwar’s current aide, Najwan Halimi had previously e-mailed Anwar and told him about Saiful’s apparent afflictions to BN. Why was the call not heeded by Anwar?
Fearing that Anwar will not be able to withstand the onslaught by the Prosecution, the defence team then decided to ask him not to take stand uder the pretext that he was not offered a fair trial. Anwar excelled in conning, deceiving and cheating the public by assuming a Mandela like persona. He is no Mandela, merely a good con artist.
Fund for the overseas experts
The surprising factor here is why no one has ever questioned the fees that were involved in paying the forensic experts, Dr Brian Macdonald and Dr David Wells. Contrary to what the general public have been made to believe, they were paid hefty sums to defend him. When they were here, they stayed in Shang-ri La Hotel for a number of days.
Where did the money to pay the hotels come from? Did Anwar pay from his own pocket? No, he does not even pay his lawyers. So, he had very rich Datuks funding him. I do know the name of the Datuk, but for the reasons known close to me I will not disclose the name.
The problem is if PKR can throw questions as to the wedding expenditure of the Prime Minister, why not question where the money to pay these experts came from? If a former convict and a mere Opposition Leader can have Datuks funding his legal expences, what is wrong in having  Datuks funding the wedding of the PM’s daughter?
I don’t know much about Saiful. The only thing I can say is that the reason he was denied justice is that the Investigating Officer, Jude Perreira, ignored the protocols told to him by Jabatan Kimia and decided to do his things his own way.
There were traces of Anwar’s DNA in his rectum. The only thing that stopped the judge from convicting Anwar was the “break in the chain of evidence”. I will write a full piece on this soon. This drama itself deserves a full piece write up.
In a nutshell, there was evidence of Anwar’s semen in Saiful’s rectum. However, due to a break in chain of evidence and the question mark over the integrity of the samples, the evidence was not used.
So the judge had no other way of corroborating Saiful’s evidence.
Conclusion for Part 1
Anwar is a consummate liar. He is using Saiful’s dad to play up his victim role in order to garner votes. We all know for a fact that since he got acquitted he has lost that bit of “charm” about him as he has nothing to yell about anymore. I really hope he sues me so that I can prove in Court what I have just mentioned.
Remember Anwar Ibrahim, I grew up adoring you. I know your modus operandi and I aspired to be you. Sue me please. Let the public watch Anwar vs Anwar clone (which is me) in action.  And  remember the e-mails, Astroboy? I have all of them saved. Come get me!
The writer, a former Anwarista, worked in Anwar’s Sodomy 2 trial for the defence - FMT



  1. AnWAR...Kau dan konco2 engkau kaki saman menyaman kan...tunggu apa lg saman le..
    Yuktes Vijay...For sure those suckers will be shouting from every corners of this earth..that you're being paid huge sums of money...
    Wondering who is that DATUK...is it the same Tropicana guy..?

  2. Bertambah pening la Nuar. Betul macam yang dikatakan oleh seorang pemerhati: jangan bimbang, akan terbongkar banyak lagi pada saat-saat akhir seperti bebari yang mengerumuni kudis. Masa tu Nuar jenuh menepis dan akhirnya dia akan menghentuk kepalanya ke dinding.

  3. Mampozzzz kau Nuar...kau memang PEMBONTOT & PENIPU TEGAR

  4. why not make a proper police report so that proper investigation on anwar can be done, there are many anwar's good boys who have left him, an this is a good time to narrow down this penipu besar, and put him on fair trial, enough is enough, we malaysian wants to live in peace,..adik abang, adik kakak semua orang tak kira bangsa, as long as this liar is free he will continue to create trouble to the country..

  5. Elok kalua artikal di atas diterjemah kedalam bahasa melayu supaya lebih ramai orang memahaminya...

  6. Yuktes Vijay is just a fraud trying to interrupt the opposition as he has been paid by UMNO in a similar fashion they pay dogs like Zul Nordin, Chandra Muzafar, Zahrain, Pariah Nallakaruppan who received cash and plum post for their treacherous activities. If this pariah dog has no future as a lawyer, he must just admit it instead of trying to live on someone else”s misery. If he is concerned about Indians then he should ask Mahathir the devil why did he conduct the mid night raid where no Indians benefitted having started the plantation industry decades back , as Indians are also citizens of the country , having been enslaved by the British under terrifying conditions in the estates, should have been given 10 acres in land and a dwelling house.The history of Indians has totally been erased by Mahathir Kutty and all their hard work in estates made the Malays the beneficiaries.
    Yuktes has no balls to take on Mahathir Kutty because he will branded as a pariah keling and chucked into a jail. This is what the dictator and bastard will do and has done to Anwar, which no Malaysians will ever dare to go thru, least of all the mother fucker Yuktes Vijay who is evidently adding salt to someone else’s wound and has taken the opportunity to make some money by trailing Anwar.
    This is where Yuktes will belong , in the toilet to lick UMNO’s shit.



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