Before the big day most of us are in a mad, frantic rush to tone up fast. Now I know that many a DIY bride will proclaim that you will no doubt shed a few KG beforehand, but would you rather appear toned and fit or tired and thin?
Let’s forget the latter shall we? If so, then welcome to the new era of pole dancing. Yes, once a taboo subject – pole dancing has now become a fitness craze from continent to continent. Thanks to dance guru Maple Loo, the renowned Bobbi’s Pole Studio from Australia has now opened its first Malaysian branch.
Getting fit has never been so easy… and yet so fun!
Here’s our 5 minutes with Maple Loo, the owner of Bobbi’s Pole Studio Malaysia:
You’re an entrepreneur, dancer and now top pole instructor with a school to run – how did this all happen!
Hahahaha… the secret is to NOT plan :) When I reach an achievement, I simply move on to the next. Well, dance has always been an undying obsession since young. No one in this lifetime has inspired me more than Madonna, not just in dance but in life – she’s my ‘sifu’, the voice in my head to always be in charge of my own life and she’s the power over my dream to dance better than myself.

Years ago, I remember my girlfriends in London going mad over ‘pole dancing’. Then it went to Australia and now it’s making waves in Singapore & Malaysia. Is this just a buzz or does it really, really work?
Oh gosh I can’t begin to tell you how fantastic pole dancing is. And that’s not just from the physical aspect which focuses on muscular and core strength, but also in terms of how it builds tremendous self-esteem. Which is why pole dancing IS addictive. Because it requires hard work and determination, which gives you that feel-good factor that arises once you go air-borne! Like any other exercise, consistency and a long-term goal will set you up for success!

How has your figure changed since you took up pole?
I’ve been fitness-crazed since my teens and swear by weight-training, aerobic workouts and dance rehearsals to stay in shape. But I never quite got the body I dreamt of until I did pole. I have a much leaner physique now, with very toned elongated muscles in my body and core strength I would never have gotten from just abdominal exercises.

What can we sign up for at Bobbi’s Pole Studio! 
We teach pole for beginners right up to the advanced level, SLAP lessons (combining Strip + Lap dancing) and Flexibility & Strength training too. All of which will compliment your workout. We put great emphasis in a dance style which is uniquely Bobbi’s, one of the world’s most respected pole dancers, who has developed the techniques for our syllabus. Students however, don’t require a dance background at all to start. One term (8 weeks) costs only RM550. And those who sign up for one pole term enjoy 50% off on a full-term SLAP or Flexibility classes!

We heard there have been a few Hens Parties at the Studio. Do tell!
Oooh the Hen parties are a lot of fun. Girls usually come in a group of 6 and above for 1.5 hours in the studio, where they’ll be offered a glass of champagne (upon request). Then the instructor will get them warmed up for either a pole or SLAP class. They then take breaks to take photos of each other, laugh, drink, chatter etc…  and they get changed to sparkly show costumes we provide and do the dance routine they’ve learnt or simply take more photos in them. More laughs, drinks, chatter!! Then the instructor does a little show for them at the end! Of course, we offer other exciting options as well like male strippers, drag queens, waiters and we do tailor the parties in line with the group’s own fun ideas too!! So tell us what you want, and we’ll work it out :)

In our Asian culture, we’re known to be shy and conservative. What has the response been like thus far?
Many Asians now realize pole dancing IS in fact a way of fitness and a form of art as well. New respect came about for pole in the last 3 years as people here were more exposed to this form of dance through watching live pole performances. Ironically, the majority of our students in Sydney are Asian girls!! Thus we are more liberal than previously thought! Well, I’d like to think so! Because there’s nothing more gratifying than seeing someone with an open mind…. if not we’ll forever live within a box.

Lastly, we look good for ourselves but let’s be honest – we also do it for the men in our lives. What does your hubby think about your love affair with pole?
He’s jealous… of the pole… hahahah yeah, I spend more time with the pole (and on the pole) than with him or ON him!!!!!. Truthfully, I believe we SHOULD look good for our own self – not just for our husband or others. We have to be happy with ourselves, confident with the way we look and most importantly be comfortable in our own skin.

At the end of the day, you are what you become – so never forget that YOU are in charge of your life.
* So ladies, if you’re up for a fun and quick workout that’s set to tone you up asap – give Maple a buzz by calling +603 2166 0479 or buzz her via her LWB page! Hurry, the new semester starts 21st of June!!
Have fun dancing!! xx
**EP Harap pihak yang bertanggungjawab dapat menyiasat dan mengambil tindakan terhadap pengusaha premis seperti ini...

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