Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Artikel menarik yang harus dikongsi kepada semua rakyat Sarawak supaya rakyat Sarawak sedar akan agenda jahat DAP dan pakatan haram untuk menakluki Negeri Sarawak dan mengaut kekayaan negeri Sarawak untuk keluarga dan puak-puaknya.

Mahukah rakyat Sarawak mahu berputih mata kembali melihat negeri Sarawak kembali dijajah oleh kumpulan yang digelar " The Yellow Rajah"

The Sarawakians have gone through a lot of things; from a vassal state under the Brunei Sultanate then under the rule of the White Rajahs; after that under the British colonial rule for a short period before joined Malaysia in 1963 after a public referendum was made with the consensus of its populations. Since then, Sarawakians ruled Sarawak themselves as an equal partner with the Federation of Malaya.

But now, the Sarawakians are facing a serious threat from boisterous politicians in the so-called unholy alliance to install a modern style archaic feudalistic system to be known as THE YELLOW RAJAHS. The Yellow Rajahs political agenda is to ensure the revival of the last local revolt during the Brooke rule which was quashed by James Brooke who maintained a protective policy to protect the Sarawakians against oppression and manipulation of the Capitalistic businessmen which mainly composed of the Chinese entrepreneurs backed by the greedy Europeans large corporations in that era.  These descendants of the befallen revolt are secretly sponsoring an elite group of politicians in the unholy alliance of DAP, PKR, PAS and SNAP. 

Secretly, the YELLOW RAJAHS plays the role of the KING-MAKERS in the Sarawak political scenario. They depict themselves as loyalist to the state government to gain trusts, access and at the same time to recruit and to recognise politicians and leaders who are pawns and knights in their political game play. Then, they wait for the right moment to unleash the Final Solution. This is the first phase. 

Now, since the political tsunami in 2008, the right moment is there! Unprecedented and unexpected it comes. This opportunity is maximised by the hardcore and think tank of the YELLOW RAJAHS circle. They nurtured a sense of hatred and unrest amongst the local populations against the State administration. In doing this, it is themselves who are creating anomalies in the execution of any state government projects especially in NCR issues. 

Their aims are to have full control and monopolising all LANDSTIMBERS and OILSreserves which are abundant in Sarawak. This natural richness of Sarawak shall not be distributed and be in the hands of the local rakyats. They effectively enslaved the masses by luring them to believe that a NEW HOPE and CHANGE is needed to SAVE SARAWAK from the EVIL and CORRUPTED STATE GOVERNMENT; whereas, it is their political agenda to oust and to enslave in total Sarawakians out of power and from having control over the Sarawak natural resources.

A MAN WITHOUT LAND is A MAN WHO IS STRIPPED OF HIS LIBERTY. Thus, the YELLOW RAJAHS executing a cunning and devious plan to own all strategic lands in Sarawak. Most of lands in Sarawak are yet to be issued with title ownership under the Torrens System. Once all strategic lands in Sarawak are issued with land titles, the YELLOW RAJAHS shall make an offer to purchase those newly land titles. An offer to purchase that is so lucrative that could not be rejected by the pribumis who holds the land titles. 


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